• Concept Design Academy

    Concept design Academy

    Concept Design Academy is a private art school located in Pasadena, CA, just a few block south of old town Pasadena.

    Link: Concept Design Academy

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  1. you could help me to learn drawing please? this site is brutallllll! teach me some thinks please

  2. if you can teach how to draw since the benning i apreacted very much!! how can i start? what i should draw?

    • I totally agree with sedeslav, Drawing is not a “God Gift”. but it depends upon your commitment, confidence, skills, patience and creativity. try drawing gestures within 30-50 seconds for a start each and everyday, it really helps you to develop your observation power as well as your sketching power. try to keep a short drawing book and drawing tools when you travel, you never know what you may find to draw, if you cant carry it than always make a hand movement like you are drawing in the air while observing things you wish to draw. its also helps you to memorize things….try it and mail me : conceptlord@gmail.com

  3. Learn English first, then maybe you can be taught!!!

  4. well, for me and my friends,drawing is just somthing your born with… but idk. just draw whats on your mind, portrey your thoughts onto paper

  5. Hey , i was wondering how many of these concept artists created this grunge texture effect you can see on these pics ex.

    I know how to use Grunge brushes in photoshop , But this seems to cover the whole image , Is there anyone who knows how to do it? or know a tutorial site or something :)

    i would really appreciate it.

  6. oh.. nevermind ..
    he got tutorials on his website :)

  7. Everybody can learn to draw. Ther are no sucg crap as “gods gift”. Evry man who was learned to write CAN learn to draw. Writing is just one of a kind in grafic skills. …and Don’t worry about english lenguage. You speak eanglish much better then english original speakers speak your or my lenguage.

    To start drawing you need some things first: strong will and commitment, some tools and pappers. Remmember: your main tool isn’t a hand. EYES are!!! Good draver first learn to lookand see things in, shapes, shadows, lines, structure texture envirement…etc.
    First LOOK at things 80% of a time when you start. Like a doctor . make a diagnose first. Switch your brain cells ON.
    think about mechanisms how some things functioning.
    What is under skin of a fist or foot…..
    then start bravely. papper isn’t expencive… you can spare some hunderd or two. But NEVER surender. Never.

    • *applaud* wonderful. I totally agree

  8. Every thing you start to draw have a some kind of geometric structure and skeleton. Try to find that structure . Then sketching it lightly . First try to recgnise big parts and interactions betwine them.

    and of course: start with a simple things! Most of new drawers do that mistake and start with “big projects” etc.
    step by step.
    human life in all its glory starts with just two cells! So every drawer was iliteral at first! Every one of a great drawers was a bigginer at first. Like you now. :)

    and have a fuuuuun! drawing is a greaaat fun even when become 9-5 regular job.

  9. well i knw a little about drawing………….but what is concept art and how to link it with animation……….

  10. I’m in art high school I need to change my art style from fine art to illustation. So I’m wondering if I can learn to do some concepts to improve my art style …I can draw I just need to get better if you can help …please do.

    Christopher Burke

  11. can you teach me how to draw all this fantastic concept art by illustrator?
    thanks a lot

  12. I wish I live in CA, but I am from Czech republic and it´s so far away :(

  13. i love drawing and i do some drawing too but id love if someone showed me how to be smart in my drawings and teach me how to draw stuffs like comics….please help?!

  14. you guys gotta study the basics :anatomy,perspective,proportions,composition,lighting,color, it takes friggin years, its not an easy walk in the park, its hard work. you can start by studying these books http://www.alexhays.com/loomis/ study them in and out, buy some gnomon vids, draw from life, and do gestures. also do imagination paintings, to improve your imaginative work draw a study of a figure or something, then redraw it from imagination. a good way to learn the basics of composition and color is to study and paint the work of the old masters:caravaggio, Rembrandt,sargent etc. if you really want this you gotta research and know that its a long road ahead. the real people that succeed in this industry are the hardest workers.

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