• From Speedpainting to Concept Art

    In this DVD, David Levy demonstrates the Adobe Photoshop techniques that he uses to create environments for the entertainment industry. He specifically reveals the custom brush creation techniques that have been perfected by a small group of passionate artists in Montreal.

    From two basic brushes, David shows you how to develop your own library of custom brushes that will allow you to gain speed and efficiency during your speedpainting process. Beginning with examples such as mountains, forests and clouds, David then leads you through the creation of a concept art painting, from rough sketches to a final piece with environment, vehicles and characters.

    Using texture brushes, you will then learn to refine and complete the painting without losing the original dynamism and composition of the sketch. This DVD includes the set of brushes that are created in the lecture, as well as the layered PSD files.

    Over 2 1/2 hours of lecture.

    Chapter 1: The Pitch
    o1: The Pitch
    02: Complex Brush Creation
    o3: Brush Testing

    Chapter 2: The Speedpainting
    01: Rough Composition
    02: Composition Refinement

    Chapter 3: The Final Concept/refining
    01: Painting the Background
    02: Painting the Main Building
    03: Creation and Use of Detail Brushes
    04: Detailing and Special FX

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  1. i m trying to do digital painting but i m not getting corect shades for the body. so can u plese tell me how to paint body texture and some effects…pls pls

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