Avatar Concept Designs by Ben Procter

Ben Procter has updated his online portfolio with some amazing concept designs he created for James Cameron’s Avatar. Ben worked with the LA “live action” art department which handled all primary design for built sets and large set pieces. Ben’s work was focused mainly on designing the interiors of Hell’s Gate and other mechanical elements used by the humans including the BioLink and Cryovault inside the ISV Venture Star spacecraft. Be sure to visit his website to see more of his detailed designs.

Link: www.benprocter.com

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  1. barkat changazi 7 years ago

    amazing works.really impressive.

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  2. Ricky B 7 years ago

    Awesome work! It once again confirms my suspicions, though, that they were big time holding back on the amount of stuff they could have put in the art book. I’ve never seen several of these pieces.

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  3. Mischa 7 years ago

    Very Nice stuff… !

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  4. Rhonda Blair 7 years ago

    Amazing work and style. Love it

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  5. karthik 6 years ago

    Awesome work 🙂 thumbs up

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