Gears of Wars 3 Concept Art

The official site for Epic Games’ Gears for War 3 has released some new concept art. The artwork includes some new characters like Anya Stroud, plus new weapons and vehicles.


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  1. dave 7 years ago


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  2. Eo 7 years ago

    not bad.

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  3. Ryan 7 years ago

    How are they rendering that metal so crisply?! all their weapons look so precise and their texture feels so realistic! how do they do that?

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  4. Matt 7 years ago

    I wish they would continue the series after this final game but I suppose three amazing games is still great. The new multi-player engine will make this game one of the best this year. If anyone has play Gears of War 2 multi-player recently they will see the huge leap between when the second came out and the third was announced because they’re test it out now. The gameplay that’s on youtube makes the third one feel like it’s in a league of it’s own with the new weapons like the amazing sawed-off shotgun, that everyone saw, and the old-school lancer. The new plot about the three way war will be sure to surprise everyone with new enemies and many new things. So be sure to play the demo and buy it if you love it cause you probably will.

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  5. Eru 7 years ago

    I can’t wait for this game to be released this year late September-December here in NZ. Every gears of war chapter the game improves, weaponry and science also improves. Great concept.

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  6. Ritunjoy 5 years ago


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