Mass Effect 3 Concept Art by Benjamin Huen

Concept artist and illustrator Benjamin Huen has released some concept artwork he created for Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. His work includes several concept designs for characters like the Cerberus Crew, Kai Leng, Ashly and Garrus.


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  1. roadkill 6 years ago

    Hello! I’m loving these! Is there any place where I can get higher resolution versions? Why? Well, for wallpaper reasons of course. That Normandy SR2 would look awesome on my 24inch. 🙂

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  2. bipin shukla 6 years ago

    there is so gooood work i am also intrested to see thats typ of work

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  3. 5 years ago

    hello, really great suits, great artwork. Best regards and keep it going

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