Mech World Contest

Mech World Contest

The contest is now over, you can view the winners here.

Over ninety percent of the human race has been wiped out. Most animal species have gone extinct, while others have mutated into monstrous beast of a kind not seen since the age of dinosaurs. This post-apocalyptic age is the stuff of nightmares. A world most unlike the one we know and cherish today. It is in this place – a nightmarishly hellish world devoid of a breathable atmosphere for humans, and overrun by creatures of gargantuan proportions -that humankind must rebuild itself.

Welcome to the Mech World Contest

CGMA – in association with Concept Art World – has created a wonderful new contest for the 2D entertainment design community. As a participant in this challenge, you have the choice of focusing on one of two subjects; mech design, or designing the environment itself. In either case, you will be required to imagine serving in a future army, and translating what you see to us in a visually interesting way.

Mech World Contest


Now, for all of you, who have your sights set on mech design, get ready! Your job is to design a mech capable of either leading an army of machines into battle- and eradicating every monster that gets in your way -or designing a mech that will help transport troops, cargo, weapons, and even other mechs into the battle. The winner of this subject will be selected on his/her ability to design a mech which best reflects the function(s) it has been called out to do (i.e. transport mech should have large cargo space, heavy lifting capabilities, etc., and the fighter should have a lot of ammunition, a good defense system, etc…).

Mech World Contest


For those of you who instead wish to take the viewer into an exploration of a far out Earth, here’s your chance! Your task is to not only render a visual stunning landscape, but also to immerse us in the cultural history of the place you choose to imagine (this is still earth after all- albeit a post-apocalyptic one). Not only will the addition of believable atmospheric perspective or how you balance the juxtaposition of organic and mechanical objects be judging criteria for this category, but to be chosen as the winner, you must make us the viewer feel like this place really could exist- both familiar and alien, all at the same time.

Mech World Contest

Among those judging the competition will be four CGMA instructors, including none other than- Mr. Mech himself – John Park, James Paick and Darren Quach, masters of sci-fi environment design and Carlo Arellano, renown character designer for games.


1st Place

· One CGMA Master Class OR a Wacom Tablet Intuos 4
· A copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6
· 2 art books: Digital Painting Techniques, vol. 4 and The Art of Atomhawk Design, vol. 1
· An article featuring the winner in Concept Art World
· A feature on CGMA Facebook page.

2nd Place

· 5 CGMA Workshops OR half-off one class
· A copy Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6
· A feature on CGMA Facebook page

3rd Place

· 2 CGMA Workshops OR $150 off one class
· A copy Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6
· A feature on CGMA Facebook page

In addition to these prizes, EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive a free copy of 3D Total’s latest 2D or 3D magazine, and a deal if they take out a subscription!


The submission must be created as original art for the purpose of the contest.
A maximum of 2 entry submissions per artist is allowed: 1 in each category (mech/world) or 2 in one.
Submissions should be uploaded in a standard format (jpg, png) under 1Mb.
Images depicting offensive content (i.e. racial, political, religious or anything deemed offensive) will be automatically disqualified based on the sole discretion of CGMA.
In order for submissions to be valid, they should adhere to the rules explained in the submission requirements section of the website.
Neither CGMA – nor its sponsors -are responsible for paying any taxes or tariffs on awarded prizes.
No entries will be accepted past the official posted deadline. If it’s not in on time it will automatically be disqualified. No exceptions.
CGMA decisions on the winners are final and can’t be disputed.
CGMA does not require any payment for entry of images nor does CGMA offer any form of payment- actual or implied -to any entrants for submission and participation.
CGMA reserves the rights to suspend, shorten, modify or cancel the challenge, including these rules, in any manner at its sole discretion with or without prior notice.

For any questions about the contest, please email us at

Visit CGMA now to enter:

As a participant you are claiming the sole rights to the art that you are submitting.
The winners grant CGMA the rights to use their artwork in any media (i.e. sales, magazine, and websites) for promotional use etc.
If a participant wants to use their contest art in any print and or online media- for self-exposure of any kind -they must mention that it was completed for the CGMA contest.

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  1. Oren 5 years ago

    Can’t wait to see what kind of mech and environment you will post here after the contest.

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  2. Maarten 5 years ago

    Alright, let’s get it on!

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