Terra Prix 2085 Concept Car Art Competition

Local Motors Announces Terra Prix 2085, a Concept Car Art Competition to be Judged by a Panel of Icons

The next Local Motors car design competition is Terra Prix 2085, a concept art and design competition to be inspired by, and judged by, world-class car concept artists Harald Belker, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon.

Details for Local Motors Terra Prix 2085 concept art and design competition just posted today, and with it the company announces a first: An expert panel will help determine the winner.

Created by the Local Motors community of designers, the Terra Prix 2085 competition will open the floodgates of creativity.  Usually Local Motors competitions result in production potential designs, but this competition is purely conceptual.  The Terra Prix 2085 is a race around the world traversing all seven continents and includes nearly every terrain imaginable.  Designers will set their sights on the future with an all-out challenge of creativity.

And who better to help inspire and judge a conceptual car design competition than Harald Belker, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon?    The Local Motors community will vote, collaborate and encourage innovation as always, but this time with a panel of supreme icons.
Details: http://www.local-motors.com/competition.php?c=52&s=caw01

Submissions Window Opens: May 31st 10:00h PST (UTC-7)
Submission Deadline: June 7th 23:59:59 PST (UTC-7)
Prizes: A total of 10 Prizes will be given out including Wacom Intuos and Bamboo Tablets, Illustration software, LM Gear, and books by the Judging Panel courtesy of Design Studio Press. See the Competition Page fore more information.

Join the Local Motors community to participate in Terra Prix 2085 at www.local-motors.com.

About Local Motors

Local Motors is a new American car company setting an exciting and sustainable course to design, manufacture, and sell cars.  Revolutionary yet simple, Local Motors creates a direct connection with customers who guide and participate in design development based on personal desires.  The process is open source and the result is meaningful, exciting cars designed specifically for car enthusiasts.  All chassis and body vehicle data is shared to make the car building and modding experience more enjoyable.

Local Motors will build micro-factories in regions where demand is highest.  Cars are built and sold from the micro-factories on a just-in-time basis.  Both the products and process are sustainable.  Local Motors vehicles feature best-in-class fuel efficiency.  The development and manufacturing process dramatically reduces waste while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate new, efficient technologies as they emerge.

The first open source design concept brought to market by Local Motors and this dynamic community of contributors is the Rally Fighter ; the original design is by Sangho Kim.  The Rally Fighter is an off-road desert racer with on-street chops.  To view and purchase the Rally Fighter, or to contribute to the future car concepts, go to www.local-motors.com.

Contact: Nyko de Peyer,  ndepeyer@local-motors.com (484) 542-9536

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