Massive Black

Massive Black, Inc. is a full production artwork and asset outsourcing studio that has contributed to over 85 projects for multiple video game platforms, film, print, toys, comics and more.


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  1. Marcel Cassemiro 7 years ago

    In the concept art and illustration, they can synthesize and pass the real reason for the image and scene. It is interesting to observe the work of that Massive Black
    there is a larger context than just the colors and creativity very well placed and drawn shapes and characters. Using the images or say they introduce the “spectator”(who see the picture) to the exact context of the scene. In some cases we stop to think about the issue and there is a reflection. This is evident by more advanced techniques (the lines). Making certain images extreme gains notoriety in the art digital. For those who like a plateful to enjoy and learn from minute details but extremely precious in each composition!

    Creativity = Massive Black

    Marcel Cassemiro
    G. Designer

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  2. Kemp 6 years ago

    Just wanted to say thanks for linking us here! 🙂

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