• Simon Dominic

    Simon Dominic is a freelance illustrator and concept artist, living in the North of England. Simon works mainly on book and magazine covers, story illustration, game and card art, workshops and magazine articles. His work appears in over a dozen publications worldwide, including the Exposé series, the Fantasy Art Now books and Digital Art Masters.

    Link: painterly.co.uk

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  1. Sweet jesus…

  2. this is by far the most amazing art ive ever seen..

  3. Absolutely amazing and astounding!! I love that there is something redeeming even in the monsterous characters. I don’t know what, it just “feels” like there is. And everyone fits and is of their environments. Totally in awe of your handling of these images. Cheers!!

  4. impressive work! very creative, beautiful light !beautiful worlds

  5. you, sir, must have dreadful nightmares

  6. Nossa!Muito chocante!
    Um pouco assustador!
    As imagens foram bem feitas,uma boa imaginação.

  7. eye candy:)

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