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  1. very creative, great work.

  2. oH! nice works!

  3. i love gun’s yeah gun porn

  4. total gunporn

  5. Great artwork!!!

  6. I thought I was creative with my weapon designs… and then I found this.

    • To true..

  7. Hey wonderful artwork :D Love it

  8. Absolutely incredible work by all. I really hope I can do this as an adult.

  9. Its tough to choose favorites here, but my love of old-school and Euro-gothic style gets my eye specifically cought on the designs by Jeremy Love, Justin Oaksford, Seth Engstrom, Marc Samson (expected to see that in Assassin’s Creed), and Jim Martin. The designs by Robert Simons – Reisdent Evil style, Sam Brown, Bastien Grivet, Matt Allsopp, Jos Kao were also amazing!

  10. Love the old-style modified guns! So good!

  11. really beautiful works…

  12. This is so awesome, best gun designs Ive seen, should be in a video games.

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