• The NeverEnding Story Character Redesigns by Nicolas Francoeur

    Concept artist Nicolas Francoeur was kind enough to let us share his character redesign concepts for The NeverEnding Story, which have a more mature, dark and gritty approach. Francoeur is currently working as a Senior Concept Artist at Eidos Montréal.

    Link: vorace-art.com









    All images used with permission by the artist. © Nicolas Francoeur or their respective copyright holder.

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  1. Amazing!!!

  2. Very cool alternative designs!

  3. Cool designs! It will be the amazing movie if someone remake the movie use these designs!

  4. This a really cool revision of the characters. I really enjoy the new look :) It would be so cool to see a remake of The Never Ending Story.

  5. super cool!

  6. i would watch this!!

  7. This is absolutely nuts :D And it’d be even more so if they did a remake with these designs and yes I realize everyone else has said that too… just putting it forward that I support the idea.. plus if it was remade, it’d be nice to see them not portray Falkor as a total paedo.. e.e

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