• CGHub officially shuts its doors


    The digital art industry is in tears today.

    The art community site CGHub has officially shut down.

    No more CGHUB. Sad day. Project CGHUB is officially closed. The reason behind this extremely tough decision is personal and will remain private. It’s absolutely not connected with business or any kind of technical difficulties. On behalf of development team I would like to apologize to CGHUB users and fans for abrupt project closure and delay with its announcement. – The Shakuro Team

    After days of hiatus with no official word, the website announced —through  its developers, Shakuro—that “project CGHUB is officially closed” stating that the decision behind the departure is “personal and will remain private.”

    No other reason was given as to why the site has gone MIA.

    Many of our friends and colleagues were subscribers to CGHub and had online portfolios on the site. They, along with thousands of other digital artists, will be looking for an alternative to the online community to display their works of art.

    Below, Concept Art World has compiled a list of  such websites:


    CAW will update the list as we gather more information. Send us your suggestions, and tell us which of these sites listed—or not listed— you plan to migrate to.

    For artists worried about having lost their pieces on CGHub, we suggest that you attempt to use the Internet Archive digital library. The website provides permanent access to collections of digitized information.

    As always, CAW is committed to providing information on up-and-coming artists and news related to the digital art industry. Be sure to check this page for updates.

    UPDATE – 4/14/2014 8:15 a.m. CST

    Shakuro has released an additional statement about the closure of CGHub  stating that it was “NOT associated with Full Spectrum Digital, LLC- the company that ran CGHUB.com.” In the statement, Shakuro discounted reasons about why the site had shut down and reinforced its earlier statement about the website going dark for “personal reasons.”  Shakuro said that if any PRO members have not received their refunds then they should contact Shakuro.

    Shakuro also said that it is looking into developing a new social art community.

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  1. Wowza! This is nuts! I loved browsing around on CGHub. I had a lot of resources on there that brought my website a lot of traffic too.

    That’s really too bad. I hope that one day we find out what the deal was. It could have been possible to sell and migrate. Heck, I’d of even considered the buy if it were reasonable. To just shut the doors though? It’s so bizarre. Once you’ve created a community like that it kind of surpasses your own personal choices, in my opinion. There’s got to be another way…

  2. There’s also creatorsafe for social networking for artists. This news sucks though for people who relied on it for their online presence.

  3. Whyyyyy….. when browsing on cghub for an hour it direct to some kind of advertisement hosting. it’s really sucks. directing to cghug, no announcment at all. and this day i found this post :(
    it’s really make me sad

  4. I’m real sad about this, the reason why I opted for cghub instead of all the other options listed here in the first place was that it was so damn easy to browse, very straightforward and organized.

    I also can’t help but wonder, did the people with pro accounts get some sort of refund? Because it would be quite shitty if they did, as a pro account adds up to 60$.

    • We’ve reached out to the devs about that. A lot of subscribers are saying that they got their refunds when the site first went down, but we’re still looking into it.

    • Yes from what I’ve heard all pro users got refunds. Its really unfortunate this happened. A huge loss of what can be considered the best site in the world for inspiration.

  5. Drawcrowd is an awesome find! Nice layout

    • Drawcrowd and Artstation looks almost identical?

  6. imaginefx.com is also another option.

  7. Something we may we want to consider in the back of our minds: the CGHUB dev team is based in Ukraine, and not just Ukraine, but Crimea. Anyone who pays any bit attention to current events will know why keeping this in mind could be important. Not saying it’s the reason, just something I noticed as soon as I learned where the team is based.

    • Shakuro is most certainly located in Crimea, but aside from the fact the situation there hasn’t affected their business, Shakuro wasn’t responsible for this. That falls on Full Spectrum Digital, LLC – the company that ran CGHUB. The Shakuro development team was just as surprised as we were.

  8. Good option is also evermotion.org (architectural visualizations, 3d art and news)

  9. There’s also artician.com

  10. One more alternative cg resource is http://increateble.com/ I’m using it every day.

  11. That’s why CGHUB did not open..Oh god..I love and love that site…

  12. very sad news indeed…

  13. So I just found out that the company that started and maintained the CGHUB project is a company called Shakuro.
    The company is based in Sevastopol, Ukraine.
    Considering the recent events in Ukraine, it’s not a stretch to assume their personal reasons have something to do with the situation in Crimea.
    I wish the best of luck to the developers in all their future endeavors.

    • Shakuro developed CGHUB, but it was Full Spectrum Digital, LLC that ran it. The talented folks over at Shakuro were just as surprised as we were to learn about this. On a more positive note, Shakuro’s business isn’t affected by the situation in Crimea.

  14. This is tragic news indeed, cghub was one of my favourite art networks.

    I’m considering creating my own professional social networking platform for artists myself similar to the functionality of Facebook but exclusive to artists, I would love to hear what cghub members think about this idea, I could have it up and running very quickly.

  15. i cant really comprehend how incredibly aweful this is for the fantasy art community. half the artists i find to post on my blog come from cghub?! in the past three to four months artists have lost two major sites to help promote work and get work. facebook first becoming totally useless not allowing artists to reach their fans unless they pay, and now cghub goes ass up. blogspot and deviant art now hold the cg fantasy art community in their hands. i like both of these fine, but going from four to two is a little too close to a monopoly to me. this is bad man! cghub will be near impossible to replace, it was such a solid site!? what the F!

  16. So so sad… really…

  17. Sad to read about this :( I think you should include http://www.artrift.com on the list. It’s certainly a personal favorite of mine and many others online.

  18. I have to agree with all the comments, this is a terrible shame. I’m hoping the owners turn things around and bring it back. I hope at the very least we get more answers as to why this has suddenly happened. I had a profile on there and was planning to improve on it this summer. This has totally thrown a spanner in the works. At the moment I feel none of the other sites are as good as cghub. So if it is totally the end, I hope one of the other sites steps up to the plate with a better version or a totally new networking site appears which offers the same ease of use.

  19. CGHug.com anyone?

  20. The site inspired me to continue mastering digital art. The best site gets taken down….why? a disaster… Hope that an even better site will emerge from the ashes.

  21. I’d like to invite you all to check out http://www.3DSquirrel.co.uk. Our Community has an active forum for 3D Artists and a Gallery where you can showcase your work. All new members are extremely welcome. :)

  22. This is a huge loss to the 3D Art community. If anyone from the site has worked at a high level in Film or Games, I’d be happy to review their application to Zerply. Just thought I’d mention it! Cheers – http://zerply.com/apply

  23. Very sad about this, very very sad

  24. This is tragic news indeed, cghub was one of my favourite art network

  25. I noticed there was no mention of Zbrushhangout.com.
    probably one of the best communities out there.
    come hangout!


  26. Or you can try Visualart:

  27. I guess this would explain why my CGHub app hasn’t been working for the past few days. I always enjoyed getting inspiration from CGHub. Guess I’ll try some of the sites on this list for future browsing.

  28. This is sad news :( Was really hoping to be part of its community.

  29. Hi, I got a question that I can’t really find the answer to.
    There seems to be some kind of a stigma around Feng Zhu’s Drawcrowd. The issue was, I suppose, with the not-that-clear Terms of Service. The case was clarified by Feng himself, the ToS got updated and that would be that. But for some reason a lot of professionals are avoiding it like the plague.
    Any clues…?

  30. Guys and girls, we are a team of CG enthusiasts who took it upon ourselves to transfer everything (as possible) from the archive to the new http://cghubs.com/forum/ – we will try to transfer posts, forums, topics, portfolios, images and more. Give us a hand!

  31. Another great alternative site for your list is http://www.ConceptCookie.com

  32. Everyone should check out ArtStation.com. From the creators of CGTalk, and launched today.

  33. Hi,

    http://3dconceptart.com is in the making by Visual Design Workshop. Will be launched at the end of the month, it seems..

  34. For any artists that are considering using Adobe’s Behance.net to post their portfolio post-CGHUB, this article has a few tips that can help you start building your followers:


  35. Cara isso não pode ser real, eu amava esse site, uma fonte inspiração inigualável. Os inúmeros trabalhos de artistas que eram publicados ali me enchiam de inspiração para continuar a fazer meus trabalhos, as técnicas por eles utilizados, cara era sem comparação. Eu acessava o facebook já esperando ver as novas publicações, agora o face ficou mais sem graça do que já era.
    Uma perda lastimável!

  36. This is really bad, it was a very inspiring place. :(


  38. Well I’m sad inside! I thought the website has been down for technical reasons until today I really enjoyed browsing Cghub on my down time! I’m not artistic in any sense but loved to see other peoples work, and how often you would see fresh new art work! : /

  39. The fact that it was shut down for personal reasons is ridiculous; Clearly there was an idiot in the drivers seat. That would be like EA or Wal-Mart shutting down for ‘personal reasons’

  40. Absolutely crushed. CGhub was one of those sites that I would bookmark on every new computer – just browsing there always sparked my inspiration. Ta for now

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