Charles Liu

Charles Liu is a concept artist from Los Angeles, California working in the entertainment industry. Charles has created concept art for companies such as LEGO, Hothead Games, 24 Caret Games and currently working at GlobeX Studios.


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  1. sarah 6 years ago

    i have been looking through your work and i really like it. i am 17 years old and from england and have been looking for inspiration as i need to build up a portfolio for starting university next year. i especially like the image of the girl ‘bruna’ and was wondering if you could give me any tips on how you created her (what program you used etc) and how you learned the human anatomy so well? thank you

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  2. terence 6 years ago

    i love how you’re not afraid to push the bold colors in your pieces. I really enjoyed your demon piece with embers flying around

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