Eduardo Peña

Eduardo Peña is a professional concept artist currently based in Singapore. He has worked in the film and video game industry creating visual concepts for movies such as The Hobbit trilogy. His work has been featured in publications such as Digital Art Masters and EXPOSÉ.

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Eduardo Peña Concept Art

Eduardo Peña Concept Art

All images used with permission by the artist. © Eduardo Peña or their respective copyright holder.

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  1. leoncio soler 8 years ago

    !!!great work!!! a digital art master

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  2. Ben Donnelly 8 years ago

    I agree awesome stuff.

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  3. Julien Truman 8 years ago

    awesome work man

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  4. Shomi 8 years ago

    very good work , though it seem like a copy of Andrew Jones

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    1. drawnbybrady 8 years ago

      Andrew Jones copied a ton of artists, and you can label any artist as a product of his predecessors. I think this guy might be significantly more original. I think the custom brushes are understated enough to be respected. PROPS dude.

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      1. shomi 8 years ago

        You are right, but I wanna point out that many people who see these paintings are gonna think of Andrew, and thats probably not a good thing for Eduardo Pena.I did not want in any way to diminish the work … my apology if did so.

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  5. Eduardo PEÑA 8 years ago

    thanks guys for appreciate my work guys
    LEONCIO qu bueno verlo por aca
    un saludo

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    1. Luke Lemmon 4 years ago

      Hello! My names Luke, I’m aspiring to become a concept artist and one day want to attend FZD school. I was just wondering what your thoughts were about the school? Pros, Cons and the like.

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  6. Robz 8 years ago

    Elegante elegante parcero. Too many custom brushes tho, kinda takes out originality from the paintings. Keep up the good work man.

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  7. dark-blast 8 years ago

    superb!!! I like the way you represent the city!

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  8. aldea 8 years ago

    great art! I like the dynamics and you are good with light/dark balance. It gives of a deep feeling

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  9. derek 8 years ago

    if you’re not a rich man yet then i give up haha your angelic/demonic work almost makes noise like it has it’s own soundtrack. i wish i had owned a company that could hire you

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  10. christian steve arenas 7 years ago

    Buen Dia!!….K mas eduardo desde Bucaramanga …..hermano llevo maso 2 años siguiendo su trabajo… del p***s!!!…….aparte del blog otro sitio donde se pueda apreciar su trabajo……???…esta actualmente en Colombia???

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  11. Max 6 years ago

    Que buen trabajo como siempre amigaso,

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  12. Miarka 4 years ago

    If i may say, that’s really brilliant sir!!

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  13. Whee Yang 4 years ago

    Those arts are master piece

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  14. Cartsquid 4 years ago

    Awesome job

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  15. Denzel 4 years ago

    I love come to this site and love all of these awesome artist

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