Maxim Revin

Maxim Revin is a concept artist and illustrator located in Moscow, Russia. Maxim has been working on Celistic, a comic book project about a world filled with adventure stories against the backdrop of the distant future. You can download the Celistic art book and wallpaper here.


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  1. Devin 7 years ago

    Absolutely amazing. You are an inspiration.

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  2. chris 7 years ago

    OAO amazing stuff man, extremely inspiring to my endeavors

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  3. Madison 7 years ago

    Wow, absolutely incredible work.

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  4. Strannik 7 years ago

    I has been а long time following your creativity. And do not cease to be amazed you absolutely incredible works!

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  5. ihatepasswords 7 years ago

    Very very inspiring.

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  6. dan 7 years ago

    i dig it

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  7. sean 7 years ago

    i love it i love everything about it

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  8. Awesome.

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  9. apoloz 7 years ago

    you are indeed a true inspiration and should never stop creating things like this, because you are creating new worlds.

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  10. Jose Garcia 7 years ago

    Your work is amazing, I love it, From now I’m fan.

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  11. filmon 5 years ago

    nice work, great movement in the compositions and figures.

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  12. Jack 5 years ago

    You just gave me the biggest sci-fi boner ever. Thank you for this.

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