Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerrard is a concept artist and illustrator from the United Kingdom currently working in the film and video game industry. Paul recently worked on Battle: Los Angeles for Sony Pictures creating concepts for the main alien creatures, crafts, weapons and pre/post production illustrations.


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  1. Bill Miller 6 years ago

    Wow, it’s really nice to see a different approach such as yours in the conceptual art world. Pardon the pun! Really nice work Paul…

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  2. dave 6 years ago

    thankyou conceptartworld for this site, excelent job, i love all these concepts!

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  3. Venenatae 6 years ago

    Amazing Style !!!

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  4. JoPe 4 years ago

    Crazy stuff ! I like the style with lots of mecanical stuff and dark settings !

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