Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is a professional concept artist and illustrator living in Seattle, Washington. Richard has worked with ArenaNet since 2003 where he has created environment art, textures and character concepts for the Guild Wars franchise.


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  1. Kirmm 6 years ago

    love this style. such an escape can be appreciated in the galleries.

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  2. Robert Orlando 6 years ago

    I cam across your work some time ago working with Shannon. It looks like you are no longer with them and have moved to London. I am also opening an office in Oxford. Anyway, I’m writing because i am a NY based independent film Director and Graphic Novel Creator looking for an illustrator to work on a project later this year.

    I think your vision matches my vision in many ways. I can discuss more details once I hear from you, Look forward to speaking with you. Thanks.


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  3. Jan 3 years ago

    Great style

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