Tuomas Korpi

Tuomas Korpi founder of Piñata, is a concept artist and  illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. His specialties include concept design, visual development, illustration and matte painting.

Link: www.tuomaskorpi.com

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  1. Gulzar 6 years ago

    Lovely stuffs, each has a class of its own. They are all so rich…so rich in texture, color and mood…lovely bro.

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  2. Aaron 6 years ago

    Great work Toumas

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  3. MB 6 years ago

    the last one is amazing. Great atmosphere. Looks like the set of a mystical kung-fu film. Nice one.

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  4. Alibaba 4 years ago

    Staggeringly good!

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  5. roshan 4 years ago

    i like your wrk awesome work sir………

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