Fall of Gods Art by Rasmus Berggreen

Concept artist Rasmus Berggreen was kind enough to share some of the art that he created for his project, “Fall of Gods”. “Fall of Gods” is a Norse inspired illustrated book about a warrior named Váli, who sets out to get his murdered family back from the underworld. Berggreen explains “I aim to bring all the mystery of Norse mythology into this story and in the illustrations as well.”

Make sure you also check out Berggreen’s Facebook page for updates about “Fall of Gods”.

Link: rasberg.blogspot.com






Fall of Gods

Fall of Gods

Fall of Gods Gods Concept Art Rise of Surth

Fall of Gods Gods Concept Art Thor Serpent

Fall of Gods Gods Concept Art Norfolk

Fall of Gods Concept Art Thor Art

Fall of Gods Concept Art Fenrir Chains

Fall of Gods Concept Art Caravane Jotunn

Fall of Gods Concept Art Last Goodbye

All images used with permission by the artist. © Rasmus Berggreen or their respective copyright holder.

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  1. Rob 4 years ago


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  2. Roberto Luiz 4 years ago

    Amazing work. I like to way you play with proportions.

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  3. Cartsquid 4 years ago

    These Artworks are so awesome and epic

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  4. Nana Kum 3 years ago


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  5. Denzel 3 years ago

    Pretty good!

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  6. Bronn 3 years ago

    These images remind me of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls

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