24 Inspiring Examples of Cycle Concept Designs

Check out these 24 inspiring examples of cycle concept designs created by many great concept artists and illustrators, some of which have been featured on Concept Art World. Please give us your thoughts on the concepts below and let us know which one is your favorite.  If you would like to be featured on Concept Art World or  participate in a future subject for the Inspiration section make sure to contact us.

Maciej Kuciara – www.maciejkuciara.com

Emmanuel Shiu – www.eshiu.com

Maxim Revin – maximrevin.blogspot.com

Annis Naeem – annisnaeem.blogspot.com

David Levy – www.vyle-art.com

Alex Chin Yu Chu – www.conceptsofalex.com

John McCoy – www.jonmccoyart.com

Jim Martin – www.jimmartindesign.com

Matt Allsopp – mattallsopp.blogspot.com

Justin Oaksford – www.justinoaksford.com

Rodolfo Damaggio – Rodolfo Damaggio Portfolio

Jens Holdener – www.jensholdener.com

Sam Brown – sambrown36.blogspot.com

Paul Ozzimo – www.paulozzimo.com

Jamie Rama – jamierama.com

Paul Roget – www.paulroget.com

Mike Hill – www.freefallgraphics.com

Christian MacNevin – www.toeslikefingers.com

Sarel Theron  – www.sareltheron.com

Chris Glenn – www.cglenn.com

Mikael Lugnegård – www.lugnegarddesign.com

Robin Chyo – www.robin-chyo.com

Brian Yam – www.drawingmantis.com

James Ellis – www.eightsixvisual.com

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  1. maXmood 6 years ago

    All are great concepts, but Maxim Revin , John McCoy and Mikael Lugnegård are the top three in no order.. this is amazing.!

    Good job everyone!

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  2. 49bees 6 years ago

    Maciej Kuciara made the best picture but John McCoy did the best design. Of course it was hard to choose in between all of them ! Very inspiring !

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  3. Ky Oliver 6 years ago

    All of them are awesome! for me, as an sci-fi lover, the top three are John McCoy, David Levy and Maciej Kuciara

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  4. Rogue343 5 years ago

    Can i ride one of these?
    They are just so cool!!!!!

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  5. Mikael 5 years ago

    WOW!Works of Maciej Kuciara is great for inspiration, Thanks!

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  6. Solk 5 years ago

    I’m loving all these! The design by Matt Allsopp makes me feel like I’m looking at Brough Superior, but with more consideration for a second person. James Ellis’ variations are very eye catching, as is Robin Chyo’s design. And I just have to give shout out to Christian MacNevin’s design. Lot of character.

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  7. sara 4 years ago

    wonderful artwork..really…

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  8. Cartsquid 4 years ago

    these are really good motorcycle artworks

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