Blizzard Entertainment Concept Art Gallery

Blizzard Entertainment has created a Concept Art Gallery highlighting the myriad of characters, environments, and other artwork create during the development of their games including Diablo, StarCraft and World of WarCraft.


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  1. 46175 7 years ago

    omg that is bad. seriously.. I’ve seen much better stuff from blizzard.

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    1. AutoPlay 7 years ago

      Please! I insist that you feel free to “do better” and post a link to the results. Until such time though, you might consider another pastime – other than belittling artists hard work without offering anything better of your own.
      “Dare to create what others may dream!” – 1DVD

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      1. Allen 7 years ago

        They’re not knocking the artwork it itself but the selection of pictures it self. I know I’ve seen some that would have done Blizzard better justice. The Sons of the Storm site is a good place to go.

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  2. Tina 7 years ago

    Loved the third from the top. This is why I want to be an artist one day. Great artwork!

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  3. Rozali 7 years ago

    I like it alot! I love that robot in the background of that pirate one.

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  4. Allen 7 years ago

    PS: Blizz gets a lot of press as is so at the same time, so it’s really ok in the end, hehe.

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  5. Brian 7 years ago

    It is concept art not final illustrations. They probably have millions of these hanging around. I think it is neat to see the design process and how they got to the final results. I would love to see more.

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