Brink Concept Art by Laurel D. Austin

Senior Concept Artist Laurel D. Austin has released concept art she created for Bethesda Softworks’ Brink. Laurel worked on creating both character designs and environment concepts. Make sure to also check out her blog for more of her work.


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  1. Imre Szabó 6 years ago

    wow you are really good, amazing works. Congratulation

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  2. Milkmind 6 years ago

    when the art is better than the actual game :’ )

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  3. Charles 6 years ago

    Awesome work!
    Very expressive characters!

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  4. Gustavo 6 years ago

    Wow! I love it!
    Awesome paintings and characters.

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  5. Benjamin 6 years ago

    Amazing arts

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  6. Lucas 5 years ago

    Great Work…awesome… 😀

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