Mech World Challenge – Winners

Concept Art World, together with CGMA and 3DTotal, is eager to announce the winners of  Mech World Challenge. We want to congratulate everyone that participated in the contest and especially those that were selected amongst the many many bright talents.

This was the first of what we hope to be many collaborations between Concept Art World and CGMA.  What made the Mech World Challenge a huge success was the abundance of amazing and awe inspiring art that we received from each and everyone one of the participants. We look forward to the next contest so stay tuned.

Below are the 3 winners of the Mech World Challenge, plus 6 honorary mentions. Congratulations again to all the winners and we hope to see more great concept art in the contests to come! Make sure to check out all the entries over at CGMA.


1st Place: Alex Palma

Mech World Challenge Alex Palma

2nd Place: Kenichiro Tomiyasu

Mech World Challenge Kenichiro Tomiyasu

3rd Place: Ludek Hroch

Mech World Challenge Ludek Hroch


Fabian Lacey

Mech World Challenge Fabian Lacey

Derrick Song Weng Foong

Mech World Challenge Derrick Song Weng Foong

Mike Fong

Mech World Challenge Mike Fong

Greg Semkow

Mech World Challenge Greg Semkow

Oh Jin Hwan

Mech World Challenge Oh Jin Hwan

Wenjoy Hong

Mech World Challenge Wenjoy Hong

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  1. Vraela 4 years ago

    Just amazing.

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  2. Franklin Chan 4 years ago

    Congraz to all the winners

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