The Trojan Horse was a Unicorn ‘Golden Ticket’ CG Challenge Ramps Up


The competition for The Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014 ‘Golden Ticket’ CG challenge is heating up as the contest enters its final weeks, and contestants are eagerly submitting their entries before the April 10 deadline.

Both renowned and aspiring artists from around the world will come together at this year’s celebration – THU’s second edition—that takes place in Portugal in September. THU Co-Founder and Organizer André Luís said this year will be better than before and that the winner of the THU ‘Golden Ticket’ CG Challenge would have a chance to be a part of the action.

“We believe that THU 2014 is really the only event in the world that focuses on the artists,” he said. “Based on the success of THU 2013, it’s truly a life-changing experience that will inspire everyone – attendees and speakers alike – to become better at their game, whether it’s concept art, traditional art or 3D. It’s all here!”

Last year, THU organizers gave attendee hopefuls the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to Portugal. Entrants had to create 3D or 2D designs based on the theme ‘Friend or Foe’. The winning design came from Dor Shamir.


José Alves da Silva, distinguished 3D artist and member of the judging panel, said this year’s theme for the ‘Golden Ticket’ CG challenge is based on the traits that make the “perfect warrior attendee.”

“The perfect warrior should above all be willing to share and learn,” he said. “The battle this warrior has to face is against his lazy, non-believing and accommodated self, our worst enemy. All the other warriors at THU are there to support and help each other to beat their worst enemies.”

The entries will be judged according to their “originality, technical excellence, artistic quality and how well it represents the theme” of the Golden Ticket CG challenge, said Alves da Silva.

“It is pretty straight forward and allows each judge to use their artistic culture to make decisions,” he said. “The winner will be the piece that is more relevant to most of the judges. If there is a tie we will discuss among us the qualities of each piece until the majority agrees on the winner.”





This year’s winner will also get an all-expense paid trip—flight and a four night stay in a five-star hotel—to the festival, and will get a chance to meet some of the biggest heavy weights in the digital art industry.

One of the biggest names that has been added to the THU 2014 lineup is that of legendary Syd Mead. Luís said that Mead’s presence will bring THU to a whole new level.

“Bringing Syd Mead to THU 2014 brings us another responsibility, and we are really excited to see how his presence and experience will influence our attendees this year,” said Luís. “It really does make THU 2014 a unique experience for those attending;  we just can’t wait to see what happens!”



Concept Designer Loic Zimmermann, another member of the judging panel, said he enjoyed last year’s festival because he liked “meeting everyone, gazing at people’s works and presentations and spending hours at the bar of the casino with the best possible people.”

Alves da Silva had the opportunity to present during last year’s festival. He said he had the privilege to meet many enthusiastic artists from all over the world and share with them his artistic advice.

“To be good you need persistence; ideally, that persistence should come from within yourself—a passion that will keep pushing you forward even though the results are still not at the level you desire,” he said. “Hopefully, this feeling will be perpetual and you will feel the hunger to learn forever. At certain times, look back, and only then you will have the perception of how much you evolved.

“If there is one thing that was very clear at THU is that all the great artists worked a lot and dedicated many days of their lives to reach their current level.”

Alves da Silva said that one thing he wants to drive home to artists is that they should spend more time “learning art fundamentals than software tools.”

“Software changes every year,” Alves da Silva said. “Art fundamentals like Composition, Color Theory, Anatomy, Acting, Observation, and Drawing will stay with you for the rest of your life.”



THU 2014 takes place in Troia, Portugal September 17-20. Be sure to check out this page and the THU 2014 website for updates.

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