THU 2014 poster and mascot unveiled

The poster and mascot for this year’s Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival have been revealed. The winners of the THU Golden Ticket CG challenge were also announced.

The skilled artists over at Techno Image created the 3D image, which 3D Artist José Alves da Silva said is representative of the festival’s theme.


“Techno Image did a great job to create a striking image for this year’s edition,” He said. “It represents the brave warrior (festival attendee) with a stylus as a spear, ready for the battle ahead—the battle of getting better at his art.”

Da Silva was a member of the judging panel for the THU Golden Ticket challenge and he, along with his fellow judges, selected the top five outstanding images for the competition. The winning image belonged to Max Kostenko.

1st Place – Max Kostenko


“He made an unbelievable illustration of a THU warrior demonstrating a very high skill,” said da Silva. “It was a very consensual decision.”

Runners up for the THU Golden Ticket CG challenge included Renan Porto, Olga Andriyenko, Carlos Vidal Torres and Khiew Jit Chun.

2nd Place – Renan Porto


3rd Place – Olga Andriyenko


4th Place – Carlos Vidal Torres


5th Place – Khiew Jit Chun


For winning the THU Golden Ticket CG challenge, Kostenko gets to fly to the peninsula of Troia for the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival in September and bump heads with distinguished artists in the CG world, including Syd Mead, Robert Legato, Andrew Jones and Scott Ross.

The festival takes place in Troia, Portugal on September 17- 20.

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