Vindictus Concept Art

Check out these awesome illustrations and concepts designs created for Nexon’s Vindictus. Vindictus is a free online fast action 3D fighter built on Valve’s source engine that offers freedom of motion, smooth flowing combat and co-operative boss battles.


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  1. dan 7 years ago

    they’re all the same scheme of colors

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    1. ben 7 years ago

      Dan, that’s quite an insight. Thanks for sharing.

      This stuff looks cool!

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  2. Diego 7 years ago

    Hey guys, thanks for sharing these. So inspiring. Who were the artists? The character work is stunning

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  3. Ivan 7 years ago

    who´s the artist?

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    1. rami 5 years ago

      Bum kim is korean.

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  4. gee min ahn 5 years ago

    the artist name is “bum kim” sadly he doesnt work for vindictus team anymore if want more information give a email to me

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