Volkswagen Bio Runner Concept Art

The Volkswagen Bio Runner concepts were created by Derek Jenkins, Patrick Faulwetter and Ian Hilton from Volkswagen/Audi Design Center California put together this concept for the Design Challenge Motorsports 2025 competition.

Make sure to checkout the complete gallery of entries. Link:

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  1. conte 9 years ago

    that’s amazing!

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  2. decades later 9 years ago


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  3. catfiiish 9 years ago

    just last night i started coming up with some ideas for triwheels and modeled up some concepts and then today a fried gave me the link to this site to check out and i stumble upon a similar thing here!!

    wo0 deja vu!


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  4. catfiiish 9 years ago

    friend even :^j gaah typos 🙂

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  5. thomas 7 years ago

    sooo what did redbull have to say about your concepts.. haha

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