SIXMOREVODKA is a concept design studio based in Berlin

SIXMOREVODKA is a Berlin based outsourcing partner for the entertainment industry that focuses on 2D artwork and art related services. SMV provides a broad range of services including concept art, illustration, marketing, pre-visualisation and film direction. SIXMOREVODKA was founded by professional concept and cover artist Marko Djurdjevic in 2006 as a brand name for his creative output. Today, SIXMOREVODKA has a wide array of international clients in many different industries including film, video games and comics.


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  1. ClanLord 5 years ago

    Marko Djurdjevic and his team of killer artists! Great artwork! There will be always inspiration spraying out of you!

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  2. Vector619 5 years ago

    SIXMOREVODKA is a amazing team, they stay true to art and you can see the passion within it.

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  3. Rogue343 5 years ago

    Epic stuff!!!!!

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