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Ignacio Bazan Lazcano Concept Art biker 4 M01

Ignacio Bazan Lazcano

Ignacio Bazan Lazcano is a freelancer concept artist and illustrator working for many game industry companies including Gameloft, Sabarasa, Timegate,...

John Liberto Concept Art Russian Jaeger M01

John Liberto

John Wallin Liberto is a concept artist working in the game and movie industry. John has worked on game titles...

Konstantin Maystrenko Character Concept Art Illustration 03 M01

Konstantin Maystrenko

Konstantin Maystrenko is a concept artist and illustrator originally from Russia. Konstantin is currently working as a Concept Artist at...

eddie del rio concept art mot haul02 M01

Eddie Del Rio

Eddie Del Rio is a concept artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked with studios such...

angelina stroganova concept art 1 02 m01

Angelina Stroganova

Angelina Stroganova is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Budapest, Hungary. She has worked for companies such as...