Mooncolony is a concept art and illustration studio based in Cambridge, UK, founded by Emrah Elmasli. They bring together leading artists and visionaries to provide premium 2D art outsourcing services to the video game industry. These services include concept art, illustration, character design, marketing art and art direction. Their versatile team’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence ensures projects reach the highest standards, connecting clients to their audiences through effective visual storytelling.

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Hearthstone SC Shot10 Final.jpg 240221 Hearthstone Scholomance 01.png 240221 Hearthstone Stormwind 04 Small.png 240221 Legendary CelestialKnight wm.jpg.png 240221 Mooncolony CR Final Key Art Phoenix.jpg 240221 Mooncolony CR Final LoadingScreen ValentineArcher.jpg 240221 Mooncolony Legendary AngelicPegasusRider Watermarked.png 240221 Mooncolony Legendary Tiamat Watermarked.png 240221 mooncolony hearthstone alteracvalley 03.jpg 240221 mooncolony legendary dwarfapothecary.jpg 240221 mooncolony mc dragonflight ep1 55.jpg 240221 mooncolony mc dragonflight ep1 61.jpg 240221 mooncolony mc mountain village.jpg 240221 mooncolony mooncolony hearthstone saviorkael thas.jpg 240221 mooncolony smite thor hauntedking 01.jpg 240221 Sml Mooncolony DiabloIV 2.jpg 240221All images used with permission by the studio. © Mooncolony or their respective copyright holder.