• Daniel Graffenberger

    Daniel Graffenberger is a concept artist and illustrator currently located in Berlin, Germany. His online portfolio includes concepts and illustrations of futuristic military airships, tanks, armor mechs and weapons.

    Link: talros.deviantart.com

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  1. Love the Taidaan Interceptors over the city. Was that for the original Homeworld, or are they making a new one?

  2. Neither. He just did it because he rules.

  3. This is what Battlefield 2143 should look like.

  4. They should make a game out of this.

  5. why does the future only have aspects of war?

    • Because humans, primates by nature, are a warlike species.

    • agreed, that stuff is awesome and all but it kinda weird how we only think of war for futuristic games and stuff.

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