• ‘Up’ Concept Art and Character Development

    The Pixar Blog has some great concept art and news for the next Disney/Pixar Film Up. Make sure to check out the the interactive article by The New York Times ‘Up,’ Inside and Out,director Pete Docter and the production designer Ricky Nierva discuss their work designing the characters of Up.

    Link: Up Official Site


    The Art of Up contains more than 250 pieces of concept art developed for the feature including storyboards full-color pastels digital and pencil sketches character studies color scripts and more. Quotes from the director artists animators and production team reveal the sky-high creativity that elevated this whimsical film to new heights.

    Purchase: The Art of Up

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  1. lovely works)

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    I really reall love UP UP UP…

  4. I am one of UP’s biggest fans. All of the work featured here is truly magical. Thanks for sharing,

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