• Incredible Hulk Concept Art

    Character designer Aaron Sims talks about the production process of The Incredible Hulk and the creative decisions behind the look of the Hulk and Abomination.

    Link: Aaron Sims

    Incredible Hulk Concept Artwork

    Incredible Hulk Concept Art

    Incredible Hulk Concept Art

    Abomination Concept Art

    Incredible Hulk Concept Art

    Incredible Hulk Concept Art

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  1. awesome stuff!

  2. incredibly INCREDIBLE..

  3. yeah this material is incredilble!!! I like the first concept of abomination O_O


  4. amazingly incredible hunk!!!

  5. That is amazing!!will be anoy more films about hulk?

  6. If they would’ve kept the Hulk in such dramatic, horror movie lighting, they wouldn’t have had the backlash they did to his look.

    Making a CG flesh& blood CHARACTER will never ammount to the believability of an animatronic FX bot, simply b/c of the Uncanny Valley concept and the subtleties of photographing an actual moving object as opposed to faking it.

    I thought the movie was great – could’ve benefited from Bruce Banner being less whiny and introverted, and more confident (as he is whenever betty’s threated, at least, in the comics).

    Also – Kirby & Stan had it down pat. You NEED NEED NEED a human foil like Rick Jones to balance the difficult to sympathize with brainy scientist/ monster of Bruce and the Hulk. Even introducing him at the end would’ve been better than throwing in Tony Stark for kicks.

    At any rate, seeing this concept art revitalized my interest in the looming potential for a good movie.
    Pit him against robots (easy cgi process, no folding/stretching flesh to render!) and the Bi-Beast (who looked AWESOME in the game!) w/ Leader pulling the strings and hi-jacking a SHIELD heli-carrier, and we’re in business.

    Guess I’ll start on a script, instead of waiting for the suits to figure it out! HAH!

  7. I am loving this work. Would be great if they could get him looking like this in a movie, although I didn’t find the recent movie to be at all bad…!

  8. The movie look wasn’t bad, but this concept look is better. What happened?

  9. WOW! Fantastic concept images!

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