• Clash of the Titans by The Aaron Sims Company

    The Aaron Sims Company has released some new concept art for the remake of Clash of the Titans. Their concepts included character and creature designs, which show several variations of the Kraken and Medusa. The Aaron Sims Company specializes in character design, production design, visual effects, and make-up effects for film, TV and video games.

    Link: The Aaron Sims Company

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  1. Finally another update!
    Great work! :)
    I love the Kraken designs

  2. I really hoped that the movie would be better than it was. At least the concept was awesome. Thanks for the update!

  3. just wow:) amazing

  4. Really awesome work. too bad this guy’s signature looks like 2 dinglers.

  5. I’m amazed by the quality of work produced by this company,
    I run a small group on deviantart and i’m sure all the members
    will appreciate the awesome concept art you have on display here.

    I love your style!

  6. This sucks balls!

  7. Rob…grow up,this film was amazing and the art work stunning

  8. srry.. can’t help it, it’s just the same old standard concept art

  9. I have to agree with rob on this one. It just looks kind of bland and generic.
    It has that typical photoshop feel to it and the designs are pretty generic ( As in typical videogames stuff). And for the film, Typical summer blockbuster.

  10. Co-o-o-ol!

  11. OO’


  12. almost shit on my pants, awesome work

  13. never forgetable work.

  14. These are amazing. Any idea who the artist is?

  15. Well the film sucked. But I loved the monsters. Kraken is cool… Though I have to say I’m disappointed with the Medusa design. Her face is just ‘pretty lady with scale layover’.

  16. Beautiful monster !!!

  17. ..
    some body tell me what kind a program did he use to create this kind of art work ???

    sorry beginner

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