• Deus Ex: Human Revolution Concept Art

    The official website for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has released some nice concept art. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be the third game in the first-person role-playing game Deus Ex series and a prequel to the original game.

    Link: ww.deusex.com

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  1. The building in the second image is very reminiscent of Manchester UK’s Civil Justice Centre;


  2. ‘Half-cyborg drinking & smokin’ is freakin awesome!
    Love all your future city concepts!
    More, more, more….!

  3. Don’t suppose anyone knows who the artist(s) are for these?

    Would love to check out more of their artwork, but can’t seem to lock down any names.

    • Hi Roy,

      The first one is from Jim Murray. The vehicule has been designed by Volta and retouched by Trong Nguyen if I remember correctly… :P

      2nd: This image is a paint-over I did of an early in-game screenshot. Original design by Sébastien Larroudé (probably inspired by Manchester UK’s Civil Justice Centre like Jon the Monkey said :) .

      3rd and 4th are from Brian (Chippy) Dugan. (ain’t sure about the 3rd though, might as well be Jim)

      5th is from Jim Murray.

      6th, 7th, and 8th from Eric Gagnon. (but I’m not sure about the 8th… been a while…)

      9th from Jim (or thierry doizon, can’t remember either :P )

      10th Paint over I did for the E3 Demo.

      • Wow, a response from one of the artists themselves! Thanks a lot for this, I really appreciate it.

        You guys did a sweet job :D

  4. any chance to find out who did the character designs? like the Eliza Cassan paintings shown in the game. absolutely love the character styles

  5. Im crazy with this game art, are they planning to release a more extended art book that the one that comes with the augmented edition?

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