• Thor Concept Art by Craig Shoji

    Concept artist and illustrator Craig Shoji has released concept art that he created for Marvel’s Thor. Craig worked on preliminary designs for Asgard, Odin’s Tower, Heimdall’s Observatory and other environments.

    Link: www.pensketch.com

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  1. Impressive artwork! Reminds me the classic scenarios of the ‘Flash Gordon’ graphic novels – with a even better colorization.
    But if i was Odin, i would summon ten thousand viking berserkers to hunt all the people involved in the production of this movie.
    Asgard should looks like a middle-age Norway/Denmark fortress. The Asgard of the movie seems KRIPTON or everywhere else, less a viking place.

  2. very good work, but Tiarles they based the Asgard in the film on Kirby’s Asgard from the older comics. If you look it up you will see how similar it is. You have to remember that Kenneth Branagh is a massive comic book Thor fan.

  3. You’re right … I see your point.

  4. wow those images are stunning!

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