• BLAST: Spaceship Sketches and Renderings

    Scott Robertson has released work-in-progress concept art and illustrations for his book BLAST: Spaceship Sketches and Renderings. BLAST will also include concept art by fellow artists Annis Naeem and Daniel Gardner.

    Following on the fast and successful treads of DRIVE, vehicle sketches and renderings, BLAST takes the readers on a visual development journey of spaceships. The formula from DRIVE is applied again to BLAST, with each of the three artists taking spaceships from preliminary concept sketch to final, fully rendered, photo realistic detail.

    Link: www.drawthrough.blogspot.com

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  1. Magnificent!

  2. I cannot believe how beautiful these are!!!! Not in my wildest dreams am I this good. You have really mastered desing, painting and the use of technology! Many congratulations from Canada!

  3. Great and awesome work! I love it and I’ve just ordered the paperback. I’m so curious :)

  4. Woww, some very cool space shipes. Very useful for SciFi-RPGs. Thanx, I think I will order the book.

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