Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim is a freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator currently based in Seoul, Korea. He is also an instructor at NCG Academy teaching environment, prop and character design in the concept art stream. Joseph has previously worked as a Senior Concept Artist for NEOPLE (Seoul, Korea) working on projects such as Ghost in the Shell, Metro Conflict.


Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_01

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_03

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_06



Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_07

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_08a

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_08b

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_02

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_05

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_14

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_26


Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_13

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_25

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_04

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_11

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_28

Joseph-Jongsup- Kim_ConceptArt_21

All images used with permission by the artist. © Joseph Kim or their respective copyright holder.

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  1. Nana Kum 3 years ago

    its fantastic. intriguing landscapes

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  2. thomas 3 years ago

    I dug the action tank-walker scene.. kept have thoughts how a gatling tank couldn’t carry enough ammo.. and had this vision.. of plastic projectiles.. made within the tank from a solid piece..

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