Dr. Grordbort’s Bestiary of the Cosmos

Concept artist and illustrator Greg Broadmore recently updated his blog with some awesome creature designs for Dr. Grordbort’s Bestiary of the Cosmos. Most of the creature designs are featured in his 64 page book Victory, you can also find Dr. Grordbort’s Bestiary of the Cosmos Weta collectibles sculpted by Jamie Beswarick here.

Link: www.drgrordborts.com

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  1. Andrew 7 years ago

    Awesome, weird and funny.
    But they aren`t so extraterian, as could be. IMHO

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  2. Ricky B. 7 years ago

    These are fantastic. I’ve always liked Wayne Barlowe’s alien designs because they are so unique.
    These remind me of his design sense but even better in my opinion.
    Keep it up!

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  3. Lukas Damgaard 7 years ago

    Awesome !
    Awesome !

    Awesome !

    very inspiring work.

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  4. dave 7 years ago

    i like the last pic, very steampunki

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  5. Eximius 7 years ago

    I could have sworn I dreamt of the third creature down from the top. Awsome and interesting without a doubt.

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