Stormrise Concept Art

Creative Assembly has released concept art for the upcoming Stormrise a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy game from the makers of Total War, with the ability to control units in the air, on the surface, and underground. Herman Ng, Nick Smith and Tony Drew concept artist at Creative Assembly, provided some excellent concept designs and illustrations. Congrats guys!


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  1. conte 9 years ago

    AAAAAA- mazing!!!
    damn what a cool ideas and design, soo original.

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  2. ruslan m. 9 years ago

    mi piacciono e vorrei tanto disegnarli e cambiarli un pò.
    sono molto originari questi disegni

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  3. Brian Pape 9 years ago

    Nice work guys! Really made me want to model. I did a version of the Spider bot thing, sans the woman and floaty arms in 3ds max….check out my site if you want to check it out. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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  4. thomas 7 years ago

    nice stuff.. top of the line.. tell me what the gal on that circular plate form with the arm exstentions.. some sort of power force.. a type of weapon?
    stormrise.. so cool dig the city scene and the hot weapon fire. I think some of your work comes from 40k.. those books have inspired me to

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