Volta is a visual preproduction studio specialized in character design, environment design, storyboarding and illustration for the video game industry. Volta is on the hunt for game developers with ambitious, high quality projects.

Link: www.volta.ca

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  1. Jose Fernando Garcia 7 years ago

    I was born on September 17, 1980, in Caracas, Venezuela. Since I was a child I loved to draw, my school notebooks were full of drawings, copying characters from video games and movies, even creating my own stories. Realizing my parents that I was more interested in drawing than anything else, they decided to enroll me in art courses to improve my skills. Upon completion of high school I decided to study Illustration at the Institute of Design of Caracas where I met the digital art.
    I am currently working as a freelance illustrator and I teach at an digital design institute, always focused on conceptual art, because my greatest aspiration is to work in the videogame industry.

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    1. DeathfromAbove 7 years ago

      Thats awesome man keep it up. You sound a lot like me, i also have filled about all my note books with video game characters, monsters, mechs and anything awesome. I would really like to know: What freelancing?

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    2. Rodrigo Alves 6 years ago

      SAme as me! But, i started have some months(specially 2), but… It’s my dream be a concept artist, and i’ll do it!

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    3. manuel 4 years ago

      yo soy de Venezuela también, y mi caso es el mismo que el tuyo, mis cuadernos estaban llenos de dibujos y voy a estudiar Game Desing (pronto).
      Por simple curiosidad tendrás un portafolio online, nunca he visto diseños conceptuales de un Venezolano.

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  2. DeathfromAbove 7 years ago

    *what is it like freelancing?

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    1. someone 6 years ago

      Freelancing is when you are youre own boss and you accept contract, you are more independant but you dont always have a job, Well i think

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  3. barkat changezi 7 years ago

    i really want to know that,how i can make good detailed concept art?

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