• Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

    Concept illustrator and digital artist Ben Procter shares some exclusive never before seen concept art from his work on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! His work includes character designs and concepts with very detailed environment illustrations plus some designs that were not included in the film. Make sure to check outhis website for more of his artwork.

    Link: www.benprocter.com

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

     Transformers 2 Concept Art by Ben Procter

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  1. Some really fun and cool designs. However, the Twins in my opinion were just plain awful in design and personality..just lame in every respect. I mean the big ears and buck teeth, with the whole gangsta jive talk? ugh painful. Anyways, I can’t believe they made it past the drawing board onto the screen, and that the “creative minds” behind the movie actually thought the Twins were a GOOD idea. Sorry for wall of text. /end rant

    • I wonder, did he use 3d references from concept modellers or not :) btw – fantastic designs

      • No the other way around! He is an artist who creates the concept designs for the 3D modelers to use.Ben is just pure talent.

    • I’m with you. I fail to understand how no one considered that offensive. I mean. Seriously? No one noticed the racial stereotype just because they’re robots???.

  2. don`t think this guy cant do better. balme M. Bay and the movie industry.

  3. finally an update :]

  4. Wow, so clear :)

  5. I am so glad that i got Depthcharge now :)

    Personally i dont like the Submarine decepticon as it looks like the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribean. I would much ratcher prefer a more Tidal Wave shaped robot.

    Firestorm/Breakaway needs to be in the third or atleast give the Autobots a flying charecter so we can have an actuall aerial battle.

    I like Overloads new Robot form. The old one was more human but this one is crab-like.

    I`m glad they used the other design for Prime. That one just looks silly.

    I can see why many people hate the designers and bay for making Devastator look bad and the concept pic shows they had absolutely no idea who Devastator was or what he should look like.

    Wheelie is rubish i am glad i dont have to waste any money getting his toy along with the Twins. Bay really ruined those charecters.

    The Osprey looks awesome i would pay tons for a Leader class version of that toy (Waits for it to appear on Ebay) 😛

    • Ruined them? The sucked since G1 buddy.
      Those characters in every series suck. :/
      G1 Wheelie was worse than Bay Wheelie also. Ugh

  6. Wow. Those designs and concepts are impressive. So many that didn’t make it.
    I didn’t have a problem with the twins, but I would have much rather had Firestorm, the model T, Osprey or the Nuke sub than them.
    A lot of material for TF3. Lets go.

  7. the osprey is springer
    the stealth ship is depthcharge
    firestorm is breakaway

  8. Pretty cool designs, I even would have loved to see those water bots get some screentime, at least we got em as toys eh?

    Though one thing here that actually annoys me, is Devestator, I’m sorry but even by movie aesthetics, WTF is that, for a professional piece of work from any viewpoint, I’m sorry but that is not good, it may be nice techincally but dear god as devestator that is pure ass.

  9. Awww! That Fallen with the Decepticon-Logo-turned-Anubis helmet would have been great!

  10. Terrible. It looks like the guy didn’t even know what Transformers were and spent his time copying what he saw off of Terminator or something.

    • WTF? I don’t remember seeing Arnie Schwartzenegger in the art! Transformers are transforming robots, and that was what was in those pics, albeit not blocky like G1

  11. Nice concepts. Pity that the Model T bot wasn’t used in the flick beyond a pic of its vehicle mode. However, it is most interesting to see how his bot mode got reworked into what would become Ransack the biplane for the toy line.

    As for the Twins, yeah, they were irritating and could have used some major polish before being included in ROTF, but the main thing I took away regarding them is that they’re pretty much the robo-equivalent of east coast/northeastern teenage boys. Some of the guys I used to know from the Boston area are spitting images, personality wise, of Skids & Mudflap.

    As for their heads, those dents, dings, and various bits of facial damage are very reminiscent of teenage acne.

    Anybody want to take bets that the Twins will see “Ugly Duckling into a Swan”-style redemption in the form of a sleek combined mode at the climax of TF:3?


    • ya and i noticed the design of the model t being used for ransack 😀 mainly the head area to me was wat stuck out

  12. these are some really cool designs. I just hope Bay (Michael) has any sense in choosing cool-looking robots. I’m sorry, but the twins are shitty, arcee and the motorcycles look stupid, devastator is crap and to many “fucken” human story. this is a transformers movie, not college kids running around talking a crap bullshit, wasting half the movie screening time. I understand that story is important, oh…wait…did I mention the story is stupid.

    • Blame STEVE P F Speilberg, It is his baby with boy and his car story. Tf1 that has been carried through the tf2.

      Those of us who have followed Transformers from the start. Know Sam is a Bit part and Optimus and the rest are the reality of it. Megan foxes character does not exist.

      S PF Sberg is trying to bring it into his vision of the modern day. He is after all the man who signs M Bays check.

  13. Very cool!

    Hope to creates something at least half that beautiful.
    It’s a shame we’d never seen your Overload (dump truck) on-screen. He’s great, just like Osprey and Firestorm.

  14. Official art of Depth Charge in his boatshoes?
    My day is made.

  15. I have seen a few new constructicons today from concept art, I hope some of these bots make it into the third film

  16. Man, I love that nuke sub so hard. ROTF has made me feel as the Star Wars prequels made me feel, in that the designers designed things that were clearly outstanding and completely awe inspiring and yet NONE of it appears in the movie. Did I mention I find that sub positively terrifying?

  17. the last one is actually breakaway from the game

  18. Oh, sweet! I was amazed by Ben’s designs at the first movie, and now how i am!
    im really thankful for these great works, im inspired to be a field and robot designer in the future.
    I dont care if some man says alice is a copy from terminator its Not True! Transformers can transform into Plants either, so if somebody dont knows the past of the transformers, please Ask before leaving a negative comment!

  19. o wow thats pretty sick. did anyone realize that the osprey robot design is actually the design they based the robot mode of the rotf toy, blazemaster on! grab ur figure and compare it to the concept art for osprey. the legs and arms are the same. hes got the propellers on his arms like blazey. blaze’s head and chest and back area look almost exactly the same except for the fact that osprey is clearly more bulky than blaze. its cool to see the concepts still get used for stuff :)

    the dumb robot mode that high tower’s toy has was also based on concept art for the robot mode

  20. personally in the next movie… i wanna see a battle scene like in a city or something where theres ppl around. and a decepticon is running, picks up a human, throws the human into the car mode as hes transforming. it shows a scene from inside with the person freaking out inside the car then the decepticon transforms to robot mode with the human inside and blood leaks out the cracks in robot mode. seems like an extremely ruthless thing a decepticon would do if bay didnt fucking make every bot a panzy in the movies.

  21. Heavy on technique but horrific design direction. I don’t blame the artist. Ultimately, the person in charge had to approve these. Whether that’s the AD or the director, one of those people is to blame.

  22. way better than josh nizzi stuff – ben is the original!

  23. Wow… I guess they won´t publish the TF artbook anymore… it´s really too bad. The skills of Ben Procter, Josh Nizzi, Ryan Church, George Hull and others, combined, would surely pack a punch.

  24. Hmm, i can tell you guys that the one i got most disaponted was Fallen’s robot form, i mean, c’mon, megatron still looks much more badass with that “Galvatron way of life” hehe, and he’s fight with Optimus it’s much more like transformers comics and cartoons, i like the twins, but if i could choose, i’ll but sideswipe and Sunstriker as the main twins on the movie, and i want a springer leader class too =D. maybe in TF3 they could put superion too.=]

  25. Trasformers are anti-example of what Concept Art should be, and why it is needed.

    Very high level of technical execution. And absolutely abysmal art-style. Robot form looks like the author just cut a source object into thousand pieces and then glued without any logic, taste or harmony.
    …and then converted in 3D, rigged and animated :/

    ps: huge thanx for showing it to masses. this horror should never repeat.

    • I think the designs look good, considering a lot of work is put into it. What you probably don’t realise is that before this artwork, the real life vehicles are broken down piece by piece virtually to work out what would go where. Let’s see you design a transformer that looks good as well as being practical and realistic. Optimus Prime’s CGI model has over 10000 moving individual parts, so you do the math, and like I said, let’s see you do the job!

    • The robots have to have bits of the vehicle on them to make them look like they were that vehicle. They are transforming, not morphing!

  26. AWESOME~… The design’s kickass~… I wish I could see the full CGI version of those artworks~…

  27. Dá hora essas imagens!
    não vejo a hora de ver o filme Transformers 3!

  28. To be honest I loved all the designes of the Transformers, the Decepticons had some of the best designs. The thing that is killing me about the movies is the ‘lame’ humor. These characters have funny side and movies ruin it. McG kicks Michael Bay in character developement. Thats why I gladely side with Terminator Salvation. When there is a war of machines characters are everything and thier effects need to match it. Michael Bay needs to have a chat with McG becuase that whats killing Michael Bay’s movies.

    Many great concepts I have found on this site better be in the sequel becuase if they are not Transformers is about to fall off my list for good. Their effects are its only saving feature aside from sparse movie momments.

    • Would that really help, considering McG ruined Terminator:Salvation?

  29. Wow! It’s wonderful! You are a jenius!

  30. Well I watched the movie, and it did better than the first but aside from action not by much. I would have loved to see the Leviathan, Stealth Ship, Osprey and Firestorm but none turned up in the film. These concept art are high quality and deserve probably more praise then the movie, I give my praise to people who worked on it.

  31. Real Good Stuff

  32. Cool stuff you must be super patient. I get a headache when i look at the details on some of these. I have a lack of patience with my digital work but to each his own. I’ll grow out of it. By the way thanks for sharing with us

  33. Awsome stuff! :-)

  34. Awesome. Breakaway, Springer, Depthcharge and the Fallen are simply wonderful. Well done.

  35. Great technical acheivement, but I dont like the smaller bots.

    Michael Bay is a racist hack.

    • How in any way is Michael Bay racist?!

  36. Wow Awesome stuff,nice Transformers

  37. Ben Procter is a monter, this guy is one of the genius behind the great character design on transformers.
    If you check his site you can find even more pieces.

  38. Wow Awesome…….thanx a lot……..i just love transformers…….

  39. fuck that leader starscream they’re coming out with. i want a leader breakaway. his design is so bloody epic and his toy does not give him enough justice!

  40. (sorry. just realized that my firt comment may be concidered inappropriate)
    “forget about” that [lame] leader starscream they’re coming out with. i want a leader [class] Breakaway [toy]. his design is so bloody epic and his toy does not give him enough justice!

  41. And i want a leader class Bonecrusher, that’s another character i think it deserves a better version over that deluxe class.

  42. Im suprised that the americans havent littered the comments with that over used amercican lazy adjective, awesome, generally used by an american to describe anything from a pizza to solar eclipse. Come on, give it some ‘awesome’

  43. oh , On closer inspection, Ive found a few.
    Thank goodness, I thought for one minute that the americans had taken up looking at a thesaurus, For those americans who dont have a passport, and think that that the world ends at your borders, a thesaurus is…..well lets say its a book with a few more adjectives in it other than ‘awesome’

  44. muy buenas imagenes i los apoyo

  45. artist exordinaire!superb

  46. Ben Procter is one of the most amazing designer out there nowadays. He’s is the perfect hybrid of a 2d/3d guy. He s has some much arsenal in his hand, he s really setting a high standard for craftsmanship, creativity and efficiency for concept design in film. He’s a rare gem. His work makes go ‘Hot dammmmmmn!’

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