Concept Artists Robert Simons and Peggy Chung have started a new concept design company called Gadget-Bot. Gadget-Bot is a concept design studio that provides visual art and creative design solutions, including services such as entertainment illustration, key art, technical drawings, graphic design, marketing illustration and more.



  1. Jorem 4 years ago

    Amazing !!

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  2. Gadget-Bot 4 years ago

    Thanks ConceptArt World, Love Gadget-Bot!

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  3. terence 4 years ago

    Awsome mechs

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  4. Andrew Saporito 4 years ago

    Gadget-Bot has some sick, sick work….I’m diggin their style BIG TIME! Really top notch stuff. Great post! Thanks for this.

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  5. Yesupatham 4 years ago


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  6. Nick 3 years ago

    Wow, this is pretty top notch! Great job!

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