David Levy

David Levy, a.k.a. Vyle is a concept artist with over eleven years experience in the game industry. David currently works as a senior concept artist and has participated in the development of Turok, The Red Star, Prince of Persia the Two Thrones, and Assassin’s Creed. He is also co-founder of STEAMBOT Studios, a collective of artists and friends (Thierry Doizon, Sebastien Larroude, Nicolas Ferrand and Joel Dos Reis Viegas) whose goal is to push the boundaries of concept art always further.

Link: www.vyle-art.com

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  1. dave 9 years ago

    man, i visit this site every day, so many cool concepts, thankyou very much for your site, great job

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    1. Kofi Dawson 8 years ago

      i am reseaching concept art and found you spledndid

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  2. conte 9 years ago

    amazing works. Tinfoil.
    your style polishing and getting stronger and stronger, thank you for sharing these pieces.
    best regards.

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  3. Acratos 9 years ago

    Nice work, always good concepts found at this site, not to mention yours. I like the technical feel, I would like to get in contact with a few you guys sometimes. I think my challege you guys might find intersting.

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  4. John deyell 9 years ago

    dude…this stuff is my dream… I wanna be doing this stuff as my job…. ahhhh….. just gotta get a few more skills under me…. If in some way… you could teach me some tricks…. that would be sweet… and I would be reeeaaaly thankful…. I spose you could check out my stuff at http://www.typhoonbomb.deviantart.com tiz a bit ammature in comparison…. but yeah.

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  5. Roy Nottage 9 years ago

    Amazing stuff. I found this site today and the work is incredible.

    I particularly love the top 3 on this page, David Levy is awesome.

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  6. Kofi Dawson 8 years ago

    Infact as I researched on “Concepts;brush and palette”for a lady I found your work which made me to think of I.Asimove and C.Sagan.

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  7. thomas 7 years ago

    that first ship.. was my wall paper.. for some time.. so few artists at your level.. your a master in my book

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