Georgi Simeonov

Georgi Simeonov, a.k.a. Calader is a concept artist and illustrator currently working at Splash Damage. Goergi has worked on projects such as BRINK, D&D Dungeon Masters Guide II, D&D Divine Power, D&D Open Grave, WarDevil, Rising Kingdoms, Endyval and many more.


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  1. Damjan 6 years ago

    This stuff is great. Love the textures and creativity.

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  2. kkadz 6 years ago

    lol, I saw the first two and wanted to reply but had to fight my way through the rest of your awesome work just to do so. I love the ones that aren’t fully defined, but in its simplicity it looks really interesting.

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  3. Undead_ 6 years ago

    amazing !!

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  4. barkat ali changezi 6 years ago

    this stuffs are really great,i like the way you work and your style.

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  5. chuckster 3 years ago

    Some righteous nightmares here. Hate to think about what that big “paper clip” on the front of the red tank does !

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