Horia Dociu

Horia Dociu is a 2D/3D artist currently working at ArenaNet in Bellevue, Washington. Horia has worked in the videogame industry since 1998 and has worked for Snowblind Studios, Zipper Interactive, and more recently Valve Software as an environment artist on Half-Life 2. In December of 2003, Horia joined ArenaNet, and is responsible for environmental prop modeling, texturing, and some concept design on the Guild Wars series.

Link: www.badideafactory.com

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  1. dave 9 years ago

    thanks for this site, i visit it every day, it inspire me a lot

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  2. Bart De Vos 9 years ago

    This is some great work as i would expect.
    I was very impressed by the concept art and 3D stuff when i visited Arenanet lately with my fellow students from Belgium. To my opinion u guys make the best there is.
    My goal is to one day reach the same lvl in 3D. Guildwars helps me a lot in believing it is possible.
    Thank u for that!

    Bart De Vos
    Student Digital Arts and Entertainment

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  3. miller 8 years ago

    Oooh, Great!!!

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