Skan Srisuwan

Skan Srisuwan is a freelance illustrator, character designer and concept artist located in Singapore, Singapore. He is currently working for Imaginary Friends Studios, while also collaborating in creating work for their book collection he is lead designer for an upcoming next gen console game.


All images used with permission by the artist. © Skan Srisuwan or their respective copyright holder.

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  1. conte 9 years ago

    truly inspiring, thank you a lot, Skan Srisuwan.

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  2. Julien 9 years ago

    awesome stuff

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  3. Shawn 9 years ago

    It goes to show that hardwork pays off
    Well done!!!!

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  4. john 9 years ago

    hopefully you made some serious money on those. but i guess the satisfaction is payment enuf.

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  5. Richard 9 years ago

    I´m sorry for my bad English First. I like his style, it has elements of anime in his art, but is no that cartoonie, is more mature and artistic, I wish to have he´s talent.

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  6. Tiger3000 9 years ago

    very well done, I absolutely love the style of complex armor plating, it gives the impression of depth and it stands out. I also enjoy the artistic form of manga incorporated in their artwork. Great Job

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  7. jdsair 9 years ago

    amazing pics i would love to see how you plan out the debrie, the figures and colours are spot on…just brilliant ^__^

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  8. Albert 9 years ago

    Inspiring stuff m8!

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  9. magik 9 years ago

    this is something i can relate to …. graffiti artist … i am going to use some or ur pics for reference but mostly the composition to create new stylez ya know .. like the complimentary colors u got goin der

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  10. decades later 9 years ago

    hectic dude

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  11. Richard Lee 8 years ago

    This stuff IS inspiring! Only thing is that it is so original it is yet one more avenue taken off the table or be marked as a copycat! I think it’s trend setting stuff and that you should stick with and develop it. Be careful not to over complicate. This is some of the best stuff on the site.

    I also love the shogun! Simply a higher level of forced perspective. Bravo.

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  12. brian 8 years ago

    Wow. Amazing, truly amazing!!!

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  13. tachi-tachi 8 years ago

    love the ‘excruciating’ details

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  14. 46175 7 years ago

    love this sick technologic style

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  15. thomas 7 years ago

    your anatomy is interesting.. and abstract images flow so well together

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  16. chuckster 3 years ago

    From your illustrations, I imagine a Transformers-style technology, with its own DNA and motivations, living in symbiosis with certain trained humans to provide powered, armored suits that tailor themselves to the wearer. The tidal wave of mech approaching them from the back is about to clad them for war !

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