Walter Kim

Walter Kim is a professional concept artist and character designer currently working at Activision. Walter graduated from the Art Center College of Design and has worked at Sega of America Inc.


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  1. Alex 7 years ago

    His mech and soldier artwork reminds me of Ghost in the Shell. Fantastic stuff.

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  2. Mischa 7 years ago

    Haha I love all their shoes… He should be a fashion designer too :p

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  3. Ken 7 years ago

    I love Masamune Shirow, you love Masamune Shirow! I feel as a humble student somewhat validated by an accomplished professionals respect for his design ethos. Beautiful work, I am very inspired!

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  4. Jacob K. 7 years ago


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  5. Harry 7 years ago

    hehehe chicken kicks pig in the face, thats awsome dude.

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    1. Jake Y. 6 years ago

      actually, I think it’s a red monkey lol, but I don’t know.

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