Halo: Reach Concept Art

Bungie has updated their official site for Halo: Reach with some high res images including some great concept art, so make sure to check out their multimedia page for more.

Link: www.bungie.net

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  1. Strannik 8 years ago

    Pretty Co-o-ol work!

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  2. Mischa 8 years ago

    This art doesn’t excite me as much as it should. :/

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    1. will 4 years ago

      nah luv shut up

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  3. Kyle 8 years ago

    It’s nice to see halo (or at least the art) going in a more realistic direction. It truly excites me to see Spartans with actual gear like ammunition pouches. I doubt players will treat it any differently than a normal Halo game, but I have to say that the more down-to-earth and diverse style and the more natural environments are doing the new installment well.

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  4. Milo 7 years ago

    Not too bad , I enjoyed some of the creativity, but I will not plagerize this guys mode to his own concept. I would like to see something in 2010 era and nothing from 2006 or before. I would like to communicate with this artist just for some helful tips and exaples.. Thank you for your presentation…

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  5. Ollie 7 years ago

    What kind of A+AS levels do you need to get into Concept art? Its hard to find universitys specified for it, but im strongly interested in it. Thanks

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    1. fruktsallad 7 years ago

      Hey Ollie, you don’t need any kind of degree to get into concept-art.. A good first impression, both portfolio-wise and if you get to a an interview is what will speak for you. Contacts within the industry helps a lot too! So work on your painting and drawing skills!

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  6. angel tovar 7 years ago

    wow is that ghost from modern warfare?

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  7. Agaz Aroza 5 years ago

    very nice work, like it

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  8. Christian English 5 years ago

    Even though halo 4 is out now, I still think halo reach had the best design and feel to it

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  9. Cartsquid 4 years ago

    Love Halo and looking forward to the Xbox One Halo

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  10. Tomas sierko 3 years ago

    This work is amazing,I’ve played the game halo reach as well.but this work has amazing detail. 😀

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