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  1. Some good designs here, but I do have a bit of a complaint. The tons of Sci-Fi genre art shown on this sight is becoming over done. It’s all beginning to look the same. I’m so tired of looking at space marines and space ships. A little variety in style and genre would be nice.

    • Why do they have to have wings and pointed noses. This is outer space!!!! When are people really going to think!

      • That’s because If they do something else, it often looks weird (you want a ship shaped like a cube?), and many craft are designed for atmospheric re-entry, and then they need the streamlining.

      • space is not a complete vacuum the is still matter there, which having the pointed noses you can go through space better and also all of these ships are probably able to enter into a planets atmosphere and we all no gravity like to pull us down and wings provide lift

      • How the hell are you supposed to get from the ground to space? Ever thought of that?

      • You realize to get into space you have to go through our atmosphere

      • Alright guys spaceships don’t actually have to go from earth to space in a sci-fi world they would probably build large ships that would cost too many resources to launch in space so they wouldnt need pointed nose cones and with the matter in space thing the ship would probably have a gunnery crew that would shoot anything that would cause a threat.

  2. Nice S-craft design!

  3. Hmmm. I think these are great examples of technique. Not so sure how great all of them are design wise.
    There are a few here that are beautifully rendered but boring in terms of design.

  4. Love them all! Very talented painters. Now we need Ukita Kumuki to appear on this site :)

  5. This is all really amazing, I am only 21 years old doing traditional illustration but am interested in learning concept art, i cant imagine if I’ll ever get this good as an artist ..

  6. Ships in first picture look like EVE-Online Charon freighters ! :) http://wiki.eveonline.com/wiki/Charon

  7. That´s because they are Kobier ;) I made that picture for EVE.

    • Oh, nice :) Awsome picture :)

  8. can you add some fantasy inspiration

  9. the Inspiration section is an amazing idea, and would help many artist including myself immensely I’m sure.

  10. Good work. Awsome pictures.

  11. Undoubtedly, a very useful section

  12. oh, hello, I am commenting once again… could you possibly compile an ‘inspirational steampunk design’ page? the majority of my drawings are steampunk based, and I have yeth to find a good number of artists who use the same style…

  13. My favorite one is the light spaceship from David Levy. I like the whole concept. Most of the others are unique in their shape. I recommend to take a look at the portfolios of the artists.

  14. interesting works!!!


  15. Wow.. really fascinating artwork. Truly inspiring.

  16. very very entertaining!! so much inspiration here!!

  17. Beautiful:)

  18. Really cool! One of them looks like a Cruiser from the Halo universe.

  19. i believe that is what this website is for, showing cool pictures of space marines and space ships

  20. good woks done by all concept artist.for strong imagination what should artist do? do draw more impressive works.

  21. The one by Pierre-Etienne Travers is a ship/racer from the wipEout games. AG Syetems. The Japanese team i’m not istaken. Nice job on it. Now i’m off to hunt for a wallpaper sized version.

  22. The piece from Marcin Jakubowski looks very suspiciously like *slightly* altered Bumblecrows from Nausicaa, almost a direct copy of a shot from the movie as well. :\

  23. I AM SO INSPIRED!!!!!

  24. I guess im in love with David Levy’s artwork xD
    second inspiration post i look today, and the most liked design was his. LOLd

  25. Not enough Fantasy art

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